Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Summer Clearance

Tip for the day make sure you check your local CVS pharmacies and Dollar Generals they are marking down all of their summer items. I got some flip flops for next summer for my kids in a size bigger than they are now and some water bottles had a whole basket full and only paid about 4.00. So check your stores clearance CVS has 90% off and Dollar general is 70 % off soon to be 90%.

Saturday, September 5, 2009

I just love this

I almost forgot about this, I had it book marked and I was going through my bookmarks and thought I would share. Its a little lady on youtube and she'll tell stories while she tells you how to cook like your living in the depression. Cheap good food how it would have been made back then. Take a minute and watch one of her videos. You'll love her just as much as I do.


Natural Remedy For Cradle Cap

So one day your bathing your baby and realize she has yellow scales on her head what is that? Its cradle cap its just an overproduction of the oils in the scalp and its very common in newborns and infants. So how to get rid of it you ask well  go in your kitchen and break out the olive oil rub a little on her scalp and put a warm cloth over her head for about 3 minutes after that use a come and gently scrape away what has come loose. Then shampoo normally with baby shampoo. Repeat process again the next day and your cradle cap worries should disappear. No costly shampoos to buy no doctor visit, and its all natural can't beat that.

Healthy foods for under $1

Rice brown or white- can be stored up to two years so it makes a good deal of economic sense to buy in bulk. If you buy 20 pounds or more you can find rice for less than 50 cents per pound. It is one of the most economical foods on the planet with a 100 calories of cooked rice costing roughly 3-4 cents.

Oatmeal- a cup cost roughly 20 cents.

Potatoes- There are several types of potato but most you can find for between 40 to 60 cents per pound. 

Eggs-  A dozen eggs here typically costs about 1.50 which works out to about 12.5 cents per egg so for a typical two egg portion it would cost you 25 cents. 

Popcorn-Loose kernels cost around 75 cents per pound. A typically microwave packet contains 2.8 ounces of dry popcorn kernels which comes out to roughly 13 cents if you pop it yourself.

Apples- Depending on the sale you can find apples sometimes 4 for 1 dollar which would make them 25 cents per apple. Red Delicious tend to be the cheaper more abundant variety. 

Watermelon- During the summer you can find watermelon for about 40 cents per pound. 

Beans- Most dried beans cost around 88 cents to 1.00 per pound and it makes alot more than one serving. 

Bananas- Currently bananas run between 40-60 cents per pound. 

Kiwi's- You can often find these on sale for 3 for 1.00

Cantaloupe-  In season it typically runs about 19 cents per pound and even out of season it runs about 60 cents so still a good deal.

Carrots- typically cost about 50 cents per pound for the larger variety and around 1.25 for baby variety. 

Lentils- Like beans lentils cost about 80 cents to 1.00 per pound very cost effective and filling. 

Nuts- typically a pound of almonds or walnuts during the right season will run you about 2.98 per pound even pecans in the right season will run you that much per pound. 1 serving is approximately 1.5 oz and there are 16 oz to a pound so each serving would cost you about 30 cents per serving.

Lots of Tips for the Day

I found this looking for frugal food tips so I thought I'd share all of them. Enjoy!

 *   If you are one egg short when baking a cake, substitute one teaspoon of cornstarch instead.

    * Do you want to prevent mold from growing on cheese? Wrap it tightly with a sugar cube and store it in the refrigerator.

    * Are you out of oil and need to grease a skillet? Rub it with half a potato. Pans "greased" with potato don't smoke at high temperatures like oiled pans do.

    * Does your brown sugar harden like a concrete block? To keep it soft, store it in a glass jar in your refrigerator or in a plastic bag with a piece of bread or apple inside.

    * Don't let insects ruin your dry foods! Put a bay leaf into containers of pasta, flour, rice and dry mixes to keep them away.

    * If your mayonnaise separates or curdles, mix 1 teaspoon mustard and 1 tablespoon curdled mayonnaise in a bowl. Beat it with a wire whisk until it is creamy. Add the rest of the mayonnaise slowly and blend well.

    * To keep a fresh fruit salad from turning brown, sprinkle the sliced fruit with lemon juice.

    * Is your granulated sugar lumpy? Place several saltine crackers in the container and cover it tightly.

    * If you have a block of cheese that has dried out, don't throw it away? Store it in freezer. When you need to grate it for a recipe, slice it thinly, without thawing. Frozen cheese crumbles easily. It is perfect for making macaroni and cheese.

    * Do you need to freshen dried out coconut? Place it in a strainer over a steaming pot of water for a few minutes.

    * If you don't want to throw out a stale loaf of bread, sprinkle it with water or milk and wrap it in aluminum foil. Bake it at 350 degrees for about 8 minutes to soften it. Loaves of Italian or French bread need to be baked for 3-5 minutes more, with the foil open for the last few minutes.

    * Sticky rice? Rinse it thoroughly with warm water to wash out the excess starch. This will cause the grains to easily separate.

    * Sticky pasta? Add salt or oil to noodles while the water is boiling.

    * Did you over-salt a recipe? Add a little vinegar and sugar and then taste. If it is a recipe for stew or soup, add a raw potato to absorb the excess salt.

    * Does your recipe have too much sugar? Add a few drops of lemon juice or vinegar.

Friday, September 4, 2009

Frugal Tip of the day

So you've made dinner and now you have left over veggies or left over meat, put all the left overs in a saved butter tub and freeze it. Do this with several meals and when your tub in the freezer is full its time to make soup!

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Frugal Gift Idea

Chocolate Covered Spoons

What You Need:

    * Plastic spoons
    * Baker's chocolate
    * Wax paper
    * Candies (optional) Crushed peppermints work great or mini marshmallows

Here's How:

   1. Melt baker's chocolate in the microwave or on the stove, following the instructions on the box.

   2. Allow the chocolate to cool slightly.

   3. Dip a spoon in the chocolate, fully coating the bowl.

   4. Sprinkle candies onto the spoon, if desired.

   5. Place the finished spoon on wax paper to dry.

   6. Repeat until all of the chocolate is gone.


   1. Use white and dark chocolate together to create a swirled look.
   2. Top the spoons with cookie crumbs or other pantry leftovers to cut the cost even further.
   3. Use a baggie or plastic wrap to package the finished spoons; tie them shut with a piece of ribbon or string.

You might want to also purchase a coffee mug to put them in, you can get them at the dollar tree for a dollar and put 6 spoons per cup.


If you read my blog please feel free to share any comments or frugal hints or tips in the comments. I'd love to get you all involved!

Frugal Tip of the Day

Next time you make that roast or whole roast chicken save some of the leftover meat and make pot roast sandwiches or shepards pie, or chicken salad for another meal. You'll get two meals for one. Saves you money and time!