Saturday, September 5, 2009

Healthy foods for under $1

Rice brown or white- can be stored up to two years so it makes a good deal of economic sense to buy in bulk. If you buy 20 pounds or more you can find rice for less than 50 cents per pound. It is one of the most economical foods on the planet with a 100 calories of cooked rice costing roughly 3-4 cents.

Oatmeal- a cup cost roughly 20 cents.

Potatoes- There are several types of potato but most you can find for between 40 to 60 cents per pound. 

Eggs-  A dozen eggs here typically costs about 1.50 which works out to about 12.5 cents per egg so for a typical two egg portion it would cost you 25 cents. 

Popcorn-Loose kernels cost around 75 cents per pound. A typically microwave packet contains 2.8 ounces of dry popcorn kernels which comes out to roughly 13 cents if you pop it yourself.

Apples- Depending on the sale you can find apples sometimes 4 for 1 dollar which would make them 25 cents per apple. Red Delicious tend to be the cheaper more abundant variety. 

Watermelon- During the summer you can find watermelon for about 40 cents per pound. 

Beans- Most dried beans cost around 88 cents to 1.00 per pound and it makes alot more than one serving. 

Bananas- Currently bananas run between 40-60 cents per pound. 

Kiwi's- You can often find these on sale for 3 for 1.00

Cantaloupe-  In season it typically runs about 19 cents per pound and even out of season it runs about 60 cents so still a good deal.

Carrots- typically cost about 50 cents per pound for the larger variety and around 1.25 for baby variety. 

Lentils- Like beans lentils cost about 80 cents to 1.00 per pound very cost effective and filling. 

Nuts- typically a pound of almonds or walnuts during the right season will run you about 2.98 per pound even pecans in the right season will run you that much per pound. 1 serving is approximately 1.5 oz and there are 16 oz to a pound so each serving would cost you about 30 cents per serving.

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  1. This is a great list to remind people of staples that can go a long way on less. The more people start cooking even if it involves some forethought (dried beans and lentils) the more money you can save! Not to mention as your title says they are healthy :D