Sunday, August 30, 2009

Home Remedy Pink Eye

As a mom I know the dreaded feeling in the stomach when your child wakes up with crusty eyes, the oh god they've got pink eye you freak out cause its so contagious and you don't want the other kids getting it so what to do...

Lipton Tea bags to the rescue or generic works too if its Orange Peoke which is the same tea in Lipton.
Place the tea bags under a warm stream of water making sure to get the entire bag damp, then place bag over affected eye for 10 minutes. Do this 3 times per day at least more if child will tolerate. This will essentially suck the infection out of the eye and also soothe it in return.

For breastfeeding mothers, a few drops of breast milk in the affected eye will also get rid of pink eye and unclog blocked tear ducts.

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